Fandom and Felt

As some of you might have heard from my personal blog, the listings for Hunger Games dolls have been removed from my Etsy storefront per Lionsgate’s request (boo!).  I’m trying to work out a way to make my dolls available somehow, but until then…

Here are three dolls I made recently as gifts (leave me alone, Disney) for my niece who has been bugging me for the past year to make her a Vanellope von Schweetz doll.  Finally made one for her birthday today, and since I’m the awesomest auntie ever, I threw in Elsa & Anna.  These were a lot of work (hello! That beading!), but I gotta say… I kinda love them.


NEW LISTINGS going live tonight!! (Mar 6)

Three new Catching Fire themed felt dolls will be listed on my Etsy store:

  • Everlark Proposal pair (spoiler alert - Peeta’s pants crotch isn’t sewn shut… for fun.  ;)
  • Katniss District 12: Catching Fire Edition
  • Back by popular demand - one more Reaping!Peeta doll

UPDATE: Reaping Day Peeta and District 12 Winter Katniss have just been sold.  In case anyone checks the shop and doesn’t see the listings anymore.  

Feel free to message me about any doll inquiries!


Hey all!! So I posted last week about the new cf katniss doll that would be listed this week. There are three other dolls i had also started and am really hoping to complete to celebrate the DVD release.

I’m not being flaky, real life is just madness right now. Just moved this past weekend so it don’t even know where half my belongings are, the stress and exertion of it all has made me sick, and I still have the two little ones to take care of amidst all the chaos (babies don’t do well with change, apparently).

I’m trying!! But I’ll let you all know on here before I list so you get a heads up.


NEW CATCHING FIRE DOLLS!   Three new Everlark editions - Victory Party, Reaping Day, and Tribute Parade - have been added to my Etsy shop!! These are single editions (not made-to-order… for a while) before I temporarily close up shop due to personal reasons.  

Update: 4 of these 6 have already been sold, so if you visit the shop and don’t see all of these, that’s why.  I apologize for the short supply and window of opportunity. After baby is born and things get back to “normal”, I’ll update the status of the shop here.  Thanks! And happy holidays!

Head’s up!

Hey, all!  Just to let everyone know, the end of 2013 marks a whole new phase in my personal life (see: Baby #2), so there’s a good chance I will be putting the shop on indefinite hiatus after Christmas.  

If there are any dolls you are interested in ordering, please do so before then.  Many of my listings have already expired and I am not going to renew them, but if you check out my “Inventory” page here on Tumblr, you can see them all and send me a message to let me know if there’s any in particular you are interested in purchasing so I can go ahead and re-list them in my Etsy shop.  I’m also open to trying out new outfits a la Catching Fire, so feel free to throw out some suggestions or requests!

**October’s Everlark wedding set has been sold, but November’s will be listed soon.**

lawrence-hutcherson asked: If I had enough money, I'd buy all of your Hunger Games felt dolls. They're so perfect! :)

Thank you!  I know, they’re a little on the pricier side so I understand, but I do put a lot of time into them. :)  I really love making all the different outfits.  It’s how this 30-som’ year old gets away with playing dolls! lol